Counting Down to Dec. 16, 2023

The Boston Tea Party with Professor Robert Allison

Professor Robert Allison joins the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum for a discussion on the impact of the Boston Tea Party on America's road to Revolution.  As the cursed East India Company tea arrives in Boston Harbor between November 28th and December 15th 1773, the town of Boston becomes gripped by the drama of […]

“Huzzah! Drinking with John Hancock During the American Revolution” with Brooke Barbier

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum 306 Congress Street, Boston, MA, United States

***PLEASE NOTE: IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE IS NOW SOLD OUT! However, you can register for the live-stream at the link below.*** When John Hancock needed to win people over, he didn't talk about resisting taxes--he served alcohol. He offered rum punch and wine at his home and paid for lavish meals in taverns to bring people together. […]

A Global Perspective on the Boston Tea Party: The Role of the East India Company

In honor of the Boston Tea Party's 250th Anniversary, join Leena Bhatnagar, economist and writer, as she discusses how the British East India Company and global circumstances contributed to the event. In this virtual talk, she will highlight how the British East India Company played a pivotal role in the British Empire's economic and geopolitical […]

Bringing Phillis to Life: A program by the Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society 1154 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, United States

Massachusetts Historical Society presents: Bringing Phillis To Life with Ade Solanke, David Walkdstreicher, CUNY, and Tara Bynum, University of Iowa   This is a hybrid event. FREE for MHS Members. $10 per person fee (in person). No charge for virtual attendees or Card to Culture participants (EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare).  The in-person reception starts at […]

Special Boston Tea Party Participant Commemoration: Samuel Adams

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, Revolution 250, the Historic Burying Grounds Initiative of Boston, and the City of Boston will place a special commemorative marker at the grave of Sameul Adams in the Granary Burying Ground on Tuesday November 28, 2023. While Samuel Adams did not take part in the actual Destruction of […]