Boston Tea Party Reenactment

The Annual Reenactment of the Boston Tea Party is an immersive and interactive historical experience like no other. This is a city-wide event involving historical reenactors from across New England, fife & drum corps, a parade through the streets of downtown Boston, and a dramatic recreation of the Destruction of the Tea where real tea chests with actual East India Company tea will be dumped into Boston Harbor at the very same location where the Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16th, 1773.

The story of the Boston Tea Party is told in 3 Acts:

photo of reenactment old south meeting-house
The Body of the People
A dramatic recreation of Boston’s largest colonial town meeting at the historic Old South Meeting House. Audience members will interact with Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and the Sons of Liberty as they engage the crowd in a fiery tax debate. Visitors are encouraged to join the debate, letting their voices be heard, and join in the final vote in the very place where Liberty found her allies!
photo of boston tea party reenactment march
Huzzah for Griffin’s Wharf!
Led by multiple fife and drum corps, the attendees from the meeting join with general public and march from Old South Meeting House to the Harborwalk where Griffin’s Wharf once stood. Along the way, those marching will encounter a harassing Redcoat Regiment in Post Office Square.

photo of boston reenactment dumping the tea
Boston Harbor, a Tea Pot Tonight!
Just as the citizens of Boston did over 240 years before, thousands of people line the shores of Boston Harbor and watch as the Sons of Liberty storm aboard the ships and destroy chest after chest of East India Company Tea. Viewers are encouraged to participate and yell “Huzzah!” as they witness the dramatic conclusion to the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution. This segment includes seated VIP viewing areas and seating and standing room for thousands of general public.